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Arizona Adventures

Arizona Adventures

Hola heles!

I recently stumbled upon heles when I was looking for new places to explore. Heles is a Hawaiian term for ‘travelers’, which is perfect because who doesn’t love to travel? Any who, on to the fun adventures in the valleys of Arizona.

First off, Arizona is quite lovely to visit. I enjoyed seeing all the cacti and mountain ranges. My aunt and I decided to visit a cute little coffee shop up the road from her house. Amped Coffee Company is one of the cutest coffee shops I have seen. Sofas were lined up outside under the terrace along with tables and umbrellas scattered throughout.


The weather in Arizona is so nice! Not too hot, not too cold. My outfits varied from jeans and short sleeves to long sleeves with shorts/skirts. My favorite shoes for this trip were my black hiking boots.

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Later that night, my brother and sister-in-law and I all went to the Coyotes hockey game. I’ve never been to a hockey game before, but tickets are less than $20! So if you ever need a date idea, go to a hockey game!

Before the game, we went to West Gate, which is where the bars and nightlife happen around Phoenix. While snacking on some appetizers, I got a couple drinks to enjoy before the game.

Even though our team lost, it was still one of the coolest experiences I’ve been apart of. I am now a hockey fan.

The next day was Thanksgiving and you can find my outfit style at Happy Thanksgiving! It was a different turkey day, because instead of turkey, my brother cooked us some steaks. My sister-in-law made homemade pie, mashed potatoes, asparagus, and stuffing. It truly was a feast!

We popped some champagne and watched sappy Hallmark movies before taking a nap. Thanksgiving was our lazy day, because it’s a day to spend with family. Their dog, Luna, even enjoyed playing and napping with us.

BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING!!! WHOOP! No, my brother and I didn’t go in the odd hours of the morning. The mall in Scottsdale is GINORMOUS! So many people were there, but because it was so big, it didn’t seem as crowded as usual.

There were so many amazing deals, but I ended up buying some bath bombs from Lush. Who doesn’t love bath bombs?!

For lunch, we went to a place called Yard House, which is famous for their half yard beer towers. I, unfortunately, do not like the taste of beer so I got a glass of wine and a couple street tacos.

After our late lunch, we picked up my sister-in-law from her work and got a cup of coffee from my new favorite coffee chain, Dutch Bros. Seriously, try their coffee because it is amazeballs!

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Later that night, we went to a sushi restaurant with the whole fam; brother, sister-in-law, and aunt. I could eat sushi every night, but this was a fun night because we ordered a bunch of rolls and wine and shared.

For our dessert, there’s a Japanese ice cream called mochi that is a dumpling formed around an ice cream filling. The mango mochi was delicious and mouth watering. I highly recommend trying mochi if you have the chance.

For my last adventure, we went to the Scottsdale aquarium. Before the aquarium, we had lunch at a poke bar. Poke is like a sushi roll, but unrolled. It comes with a scoop of rice, various meats and toppings, and dressings and sides. Mix it all together and you have a healthy and delicious lunch.

The aquarium was bigger than the one from my hometown and it was amazing. My favorite animal in the aquarium was probably the penguin, because he loved the camera and was very photogenic.

There was a multitude of aqua tunnels that you walked through and witnessed the sea creature life. The tanks were filled with gorgeous creatures and it made everything seem so lively. The jellyfish were beautiful, the lion fish looked peaceful, and the sea turtles were huge!

Overall, Arizona was a fun filled adventure and I can’t wait to go back and experience more. That’s all for now, heles! For more info about my outfits, check out the style tab. You’ll find all my Arizona fashion there!


I like adventures, and I’m going to find some.
— Louisa May Alcott

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