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Fun at the Zoo

Fun at the Zoo

Yes, everyone loves the zoo. You’re never too old to go to the zoo. My sister and I thought it would be a fun day to go to the zoo and admire some cute lil animals. 



I got this new jumpsuit for Christmas and I’m in love with it! It’s an Aerie AE jumpsuit and was on sale for $14! The booties are Charlotte Russe and my earrings are Kendra Scott.  

Yes, I’m the girl that likes to look nice even if we’re just going to the zoo. At our zoo, there was a new baby monkey, but he was a lil camera shy from me.  

Look at the lil bebe giraffe! Ugh, so stinking cute. Naturally, we had to feed them. 

After feeding the giraffes and staring at my fav animal, the elephants, for like 30 min; we made our way to the alligators.  But first... look how cute these babes are. 


Fun fact, elephants look at humans how we look at dogs. Elephants think we’re cute! <3  

Sadly the sharp tooth monsters didn’t want to say hello to me in my Lil peep hole. Oh whale, I still got to see some. 

And that’s our lil adventure to the zoo. Here’s one last fun lil animal. Can you guess what movie he’s from?


That’s all for today, heles! Have a rocking day and thanks for reading.  


“Nature teaches beasts to know their friends” -William Shakespeare 

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