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Fun in Dallas

In Dallas, there’s an amazing fun store called Unicorn Magic Dessert Bar! It is literally every unicorn lovers dream. They had things from cakes to shakes to ice cream. 


My sister and I decided to take a trip up there over the winter break and try it out. We got the ultimate unicorn milkshake!  

As you can see, there’s a giant slice of cake on top of this shake with an ice cream cone on top and a strawberry twist for the “straw”.  

Yes, if you’re wondering if that Chills 360 is ours, we had an adventure. We went into the wrong store thinking it was the Unicorn dessert bar, but sadly we were mistaken.  

Hey, everyone needs a little adventure every now and again.  


After having a little dessert in our tummy’s, we explored around Dallas and found some beautiful murals! I adore art, so this was my fav part.  

Naturally, when you see a pretty wall you have to take a picture next to it, right? 


Well, heles, that’s a lil wrap about our adventure in Dallas, TX! I suggest taking a trip there if you want some fun things to do.  


“Art speaks where words are unable to explain” 

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