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Texas Tulips

Texas Tulips

First off, who doesn’t love flowers? If you’ve heard of Texas Tulips and debated if you should go or not, GO! It’s so pretty and fun!


Since it was a lazy day, I took my sister out here and we picked flowers for everyone in the house.  

Just a quick trip to Denton, no big deal.  

And no, I actually didn’t plan my top to have flowers. As Bob Ross says, “we just have happy accidents”.  

Thats exactly what it was. A happy accident.  


The cost of admission is $5, which isn’t bad because we stayed for a good 2 hours just looking at flowers and picking out the perf one for our fam.  

The flowers are $2.50 a piece, so choose your flowers carefully!  


My top is from a cute boutique in Texas called Alter’d State. Literally the  cutest store you could ever find! 

This cute store also has amazeball prices! The top was only $10! Definitely a win.  

So I hope your day is filled with sunshine and cute flowers. If you’re ever in Texas, definitely go to Texas Tulips!

You’ll fall in love with the colors and atmosphere of the place. 

That’s all for today, heles!  

XOXO Ray  

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