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Survival Guide: Canyon Lake

Survival Guide: Canyon Lake

So my roomies and I decided to take one last roomie trip before I left to start my big girl job. Canyon Lake was the best choice, because someone had a lake house.

Free boarding is always the best choice.

A few tips and tricks to surviving a weekend getaway to the lake.

Step 1: Best Friends ✔️

Get you some gal pals that are going to not only empower you as a person, but love you for who you are.

These girls, and Jonathan, are some people that can help me unwind and have a grat tim.

So once you have that, move to the next step.

Step 2: Packing for your Weekend Getaway

I always pack a couple extra clothes incase of weather changes. For the lake day, my fav swimmy is one from Target.

For the next day, shopppinngggg! My insta shows how much I’m in love with rompers, especially from Target.

Target has everything and can be a weakness.

Thanks Kara for being one of my models with me!

Shopping in New Braunfels was amazing! Discounts upon sales upon low prices. Candles for $10 at Bath and Body Works, $3.99 undies and bralettes at VS, and free tamales at Sun and Sport!

That night, we went to the Gristmill for dinner. Yum! 11/10 recommend.

As for my fav products and things in my bag, only the essentials.

My Fav Products

Oil Absorbing Sheets

A fab investment for when your skin is just feeling oily and can give you a refreshing look without taking off your makeup.

Setting Spray

Two Faced has a 3-in-1 setting spray that primes, refreshes and sets. It is my FAV!

Francesca’s Scrunchies

I’ve been in a scrunchie mood lately and Francesca was having a sale! Naturally, I couldn’t pass it up.

Baby Lips

Maybelline Baby Lips are rejuvenating and so relaxing on my lips. It even gives a nice glossy look.

Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Bath and Body Works has the best sanitizers and my new go to is a foaming spray. It smells like peaches, which is one of my fav fruits!

Sun In

I don’t dye my hair, but this Sun In spray naturally enhances your hair a few shades lighter. And it smells like coconuts!

In My Bolsa


My roomie got me a new water bottle and I just love drinking from it.

Car Keys

Because you can’t go far without them XD

Michael Kors Wallet

On sale at 75% off!

Ray Ban Sunnies

Thank you GlassandLens for collabing with me!

Two Faced Setting Spray

I’ve already explained why it’s amazing, so scroll up and read again.

Lip Balm

I prefer Baby Lips, but Blistex works too!

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