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Adventure Time: Lake Travis Ed.

Adventure Time: Lake Travis Ed.

First off, an Aggie in the land of t-sips already makes for an adventure.

However, I will give it to Austin that Lake Travis was a gorgeous lake! The water was like glass and you could see everything around you.

Renting a boat for the fam was definitely the move. Devil’s Cove was probably one of my fav spots on the water and not just because it was deemed the party spot.

My swimmy is from Zaful for only $16 for top and bottom! Basically 2 for the price of one at any other store.

My sisters swimmy is from FashionNova for $25! Such a cute one piece for any occasion.

In case you’re wondering, the float we’re on is called a LilyPad and apparently everyone on Lake Travis has one.

But, I personally loved them because it kept me from feeling the fish nibble at my feet.

Fun fact: my brother somehow managed to smack a perch right onto our LilyPad. So that made for a good laugh.

I’m also loving the fact that my crop was the material of a wet suit and matched my bikini top fairly well.

And nothing tops the look off better than a floppy hat. Thanks, sis.

After the boat ride, we got some drinks at a fun place called Abel’s. Definitely a must go for great food and drinks. The peach marg was to die for.

If there’s any other good places I should try, let me know!

Happy trails, heles!


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— Aristotle
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