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MY TOP BRANDS ╳ Hollister

MY TOP BRANDS ╳ Hollister

Hollister is for any and everybody! Before Christmas, Hollister had an amazing sale on their store. This is where I’ve discovered mustard yellow as one of my new favorite colors of clothing. The store had a 50% off deal on their clothes and jeans, which was perfect for what I wanted.

I am in love with high waisted jeans. They seem to fit my body just right and make me look more curvy, all while looking stylish and keeping warm. I highly suggest everyone having at least two pairs of high waisted jeans, because they not only look classier with crop tops, but you’ll fall in love with them after your first wear.

I got a dark and light wash for multiple outfits and to spice up my wardrobe this season.

This crop hoodie is my newest edition to my closet and I wear it all the time! Pairing with my lighter high waisted jeans, I usually wear my hiking boots for winter time. Not only do they keep your toes nice and toasty, but they are super cute.

Since it was literally 34 degrees outside, I styled this look with a black infinity scarf and my collectionsfame watch. If you want 60% off, use the code ‘RAVEN60’ at checkout! These watches are super cute and go with almost any outfit.

If you’re ever thinking that Hollister doesn’t have any cute clothes for a college student, think again! Not only does it have great sales, but great quality clothes.

Of course, since it was cold, I had to take a photo in my army green jacket my grandfather got me. This jacket has a plaid interior and keeps you super toasty and warm while you’re doing your photoshoot for your blog.

That’s all for now, heles! I’m going to make some hot chocolate and prepare for more blog posts!

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