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Hot Leads To Port Aransas

Hot Leads To Port Aransas

Welcome Heles! This is a new segment called ‘Hot Leads’, where I write about the various ‘hot spots’ in a city or state. Almost like a ‘guide’, but with a bit of a kick to it. Today’s lead: swimwear, places to eat, and places to shop. As well as doting on my squad for a hot min.

I recently just went to a beach, with my roomies and some fun gals, called Port Aransas or Port A for short. It’s a smallish beach in Texas, but excellent for those who don’t want wyylld spring break parties, or a non dirty beach. I’ve been here multiple times and always seem to find new things that excite me.

Wow… See those cuties? Those are my roomies, Kara and Court (aka Kurt) ♡ Thanks to Kara, we were able to actually make this thing happen. LET. ME. TELL. YOU! If you are wanting to stay some place over spring break, but working on a college budget… GO WITH AN RV! It was $50/night (On the Beach RV) and was literally right on the beach. Talk about heaven. Was it crammed? A tad. Did we care? Not a bit. Why? Because Lake Bryan and great friends.

I don’t know about you, but I always over pack even for a 3 day trip. Oh whale, at least I had more than enough. Seriously, I packed 8 swimsuits… I don’t know why, but the inner Jimeny Cricket in me told me to. But! One of my gal pals used a couple of my swim tops and looked absolutely fierce, so I say it was a win.

Drop your jaws boys, cause we’re dropping our weapons. Jk, jk. But seriously… these ladies are not just fierce individuals on the outside, but on the inside too. It was also our friend, Sara Marie’s, birthday, so she was looking fabulous.

You can’t rock the beach without a rocking crew by your side. And these gals definitely do just that.


Places to Eat

San Juan $

Delicious Tex-mex food with a colorful hacienda-themed decor. They even have a breakfast menu, which is super convenient if you’re wanting something quick to go.

Port A Pizzeria $

Who doesn’t love pizza? Especially when it’s a buffet styled dining with arcade games and refreshing beverages for when you just need to unwind.

Coffee Waves $

COFFEEE!! Yas, my addiction! Super cute little shop with a colorful mural inside. They have anything and everything from coffee to ice cream to paninis. Such a fun atmosphere and place for the family and/or anyone!

Back Porch Bar $

Perfect for those laid back days to watch sports on the TV and admire the ocean in front of you. Live music is always an ambiance catcher and this bar has some of the best. My go-to bar on the island.

Moby Dick’s $$

Definitely one of my favs! My madre took me here last time we went and it was amazing seafood! Oysters, grilled shrimp, all within a nautical themed restaurant.

The Gaff $$

Another pizzeria, but a tad more monies for those who want a pirate-themed bar and belt sander racing on weekends. Definitely a fun time for your friends with eye patches.

Fins $$

Super cute little joint right off the ferry, with super amazing calamari and crab cake sliders. A little pricy, but worth the amount of food you get and the drinks were delicious.

Virginia’s On The Bay $$

Super cute little place the gang and I ate at our last night. The place is open, so it’s perfect for a sunny day or even to watch the rain hit the ocean. Vegan friendly and gluten free options as well! I loved their fried shrimp and fries with tartar sauce. Yum!

Seafood & Spaghetti Works $$$

Raise of hands of who loves seafood and pasta?! You can’t see, but I’m raising my hand as I wrote that. Seriously, it’s so good and this places gives you just that. The ceviche is to die for and the whole place has beautiful natural lighting. A little more expensive, but so worth it.

Roosevelt’s at the Tarpon Inn $$$$

More bang for your buck, I always say. This place has gluten free options and serves American and Seafood. The Citrus Grilled Grouper w/ Lobster Cream Sauce melts in your mouth and is probably the most delicate thing you’ll ever eat.

Places to Shop

The Islander

Super cute souvenirs to take back to your mom or friends! My personal fav is the iron-on applications that you put on shirts. I bought 2 for $20! However, be aware of the boobie shot glasses or coffee mugs.

Winton’s Candy Company

Obviously you have to have a fun shop for candy. This shop is not only painted green, but the inside has fun decor and bright candy that will catch your eye! A must stop before you leave this fun island.

 Bo Jon’s Surf & Gifts 

Totally rad place for all your gifts and boogie boards! But beware, you must walk through a sharks mouth to enter!  

  Desserted Island Ice Cream

Anyone else craving a soft serve? This fun “dessert” island has all the best flavors and toppings for your sweet tooth. I also love the inside of the cute shop!


This cozy shop sells more than just gifts. It sells house hold items, trinkets, soaps, and so much more. Definitely a fun place to shop. 

  Saltwater Gypsies

Super cute vintage store with handmade jewelry, beautiful art and clothing!  

  Island Wine

Yes, everyone loves wine. Especially me. This cute place is so relaxing to come in and have a glass of wine and read or just relax and gossip with the girls.  

   Indigo Eccentric 

Fabulous shopping store for all your island wear and accessories. I personally love the woven hand bags for a more beach feel. 

 Lone Star Taste 

Amazeballs for all your little beach feels. I love the wooden signs with fun beach quotes and the decorated beach wine glasses.  

 Bojon’s Surf Shop 

Since Hurricane Harvey, this store has redifined itself! Super cute clothes, accessories and a fun atmosphere. 

That’s all for today, heles! Stay tuned for a new segment coming up! Stay beachy! 


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