Rave Michele Photo Presets

Rave Michele Photo Presets

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I’ve been getting asked what presets I use, so here is some of my custom presets that I use with the FREE mobile version of Lightroom. You’ll be able to see what I use and see if you like the theme of the presets on your mobile device. I hope you enjoy these presets as I put as much effort as I can into them.

After you purchase a set, you will receive a download link via email with 5 different presets that work for outdoor photo fun! If you use them indoor, the flash looks better with the preset. If you think I have an expensive camera to take these pics, think again. I use my iPhone Xs and the help of my roomies.

-Preset/Filters for iPhone/mobile pics

-5 custom presets for indoor & outdoor pics

-How to use instructions included here

-Download Lightroom App (free)

*No subscription is required

!! All sales are final and no refunds are given!!

I would love to see your pictures edited with my presets! You can DM me your before and after pictures on Instagram or share them via @ravemichelle & #ravemichelepresets! Have fun editing, heles! ♡