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Recap: Freeport, Bahamas, Nassau

Recap: Freeport, Bahamas, Nassau

Cruising is my family favorite. Naturally, I need to post a recap of our vacay.

Day 1-2: Out at Sea

I love spending time on the ocean because of all the fun things the boat does. Carnival is my fav cruise line, so I highly recommend them.

Mai Tai’s and pool days and trivia are some of my fav things on Carnival. My aunt is my partner in crime during these days, so it’s a lot of crazy and fun times.

Day 3: Key West

My family went to the Ernest Hemingway house, but sadly I couldn’t attend because that man had 52 cats! 52! Who does that!?

So while my grandmother and others were touring the house, my brother and sister-in-law and grandfather came with me to walk around. Coconut milk and fresh coconuts are some of nature’s candy.

Day 4: Bahamas

OMG! Bahamas was gorgeous! Definitely a fav vacay spot.

White sandy beaches, crystal waters and such fun backgrounds for your gram pics. But I especially love the jerk chicken and the beach punch!

Day 5: Nassau

Ever been to the Atlantis Waterpark? It’s amazing! The slide through the shark tank was terrifying, but so cool!

Yes, I don’t like sharks, who does? But it was such a cool experience to see them so close.

The park is so beautiful as well as the beach. Definitely spend a few days here if you can.

Day 6-7: Day at Sea/Return Home

After fun days at different places, it’s time to go home. But the return back is still just as fun!

Trivia, drinks and more pool days and delicious foods. You can always find me tanning by the pool or in line for some wicked slides.

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