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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween


Ever wonder what to be for Halloween? Being a college student, you want to find the right amount of flirty and affordable so you can have a fun night without breaking the bank. For the weekend of Halloween, I was able to dress up as a few different characters.

My first costume was an angel, which I actually did not spend any money on this year, because I already had the gear. I wore a white body-con dress with white feathered angel wings and white diamond sandals.


To add to the effect of the angelic costume, I added silver glitter around the eyes and used a glitter liner under my eyes for a classy look. Hint: to make sure to get your glitter to stay on your face, use coconut oil and use a makeup brush to apply the glitter.

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Another fun costume is always a cheerleader. Now, I’ve had this uniform since high school, but you can always borrow from a friend or even get one from the Halloween store or even Target!


A fun way to spice up the uniform is adding glitter eye black under your eyes for a more sporty, yet girly look. Once again, I used the coconut oil and a brush to apply the glitter. I personally love the half up half down curled hairstyle, because it’s simple and cute.

I love Halloween because it’s a time to dress up and try new makeup ideas and hairstyles.


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This next costume is a DIY that my grandmother helped make. A 50’s poodle skirt girl! Joann’s Fabric is a great place to go and always has some good deals. We got pink felt fabric and cut it to the length desired and sewed in an elastic waistband.

My grandma is too cute with her little sewing skills. She made a poodle out of white felt and white fur and added a glitter string to make it look like a leash around the skirt. Or you can simply buy a poodle skirt from a Halloween store or your general stores, however, this was more fun.

Once you have your poodle skirt, adding a white button up will complete the look with some converse. You can look up some pin up curl ideas for your hair, but I liked a high pony with a scrunchie.


The red lipstick definitely adds some dramatic effect and is super fun to wear! A simple makeup look will do with this outfit and still look fierce.

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From cute to conservative, here’s a little bit scandalous Halloween costume. Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader! Now being from Texas, I love this outfit, because I love the Cowboys. I had to buy this outfit a few years ago, but it was worth it!

For this style, I curled my hair and did a more dramatic eye makeup to make my eyes pop. However, I stayed with the red lipstick, because it’s flirtatious and fun!


Now the DCC has white cowboy boots with the Dallas Star on the side, but I used my own cowboy boots to help pull this outfit together.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you had a fantastic Halloween!

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