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See You In The Pumpkin Patch

See You In The Pumpkin Patch

I personally love the fall season, simply because of the outfits that can aspire from it. This morning was a spontaneous trip to the pumpkin patch with the roomies and it turned out to be the perfect day. Of course, picking out the perfect outfit is a struggle, but with the best college family I could ask for, it was a breeze.


Fall is the time for creams, browns, and matte colors. For our little pumpkin patch trip, I chose a cream colored sweater from Agaci, a cute little store in Fort Worth. Dark jeans are always a good choice, because not only does it help bring out the fall colors of nature, but they also slim down the waist and hips.

I love my maroon booties that I got from Dillard’s and I try to wear them as much as possible during the fall time. These booties can be perfect for a dressing up or down look, from football games to date nights or just going out with the girls. Plus, maroon is such a great color on anyone (WHOOP!).


You know what also goes well with maroon booties? Maroon jewelry to help flash your Aggie ring! The colors of orange, maroon, and creams go swimmingly together and just make the pictures pop.

Of course, what’s better than a lunch date with your roomies after pumpkin pics? Cheddar’s is our favorite restaurant and it was such a fun time to get out of the house and bond with my lil family.


Everyone loves the classic ‘pumpkin patch’ pictures, but just don’t know what to wear? Well, I hope these pictures can give a few ideas of what to throw together at the last minute for some fall fun time. A cardigan is always a cute bet, with some nudes booties and any matte color to help pull the outfit together.

Have a Happy Fall, Y’all! Enjoy a lil pumpkin patch and the cool weather. Thanks for reading! XOXO Rave

Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons
— Jim Bishop
Maroon Out!

Maroon Out!

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween