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Arizona Chic

Arizona Chic

In all honesty, this outfit was a spur of the moment design. My roommate was helping me pick out outfits for my trip and we loved the black long sleeve crop, but didn’t know what to put with it. Then I saw some shorter-alls and thought, ‘why not?’

I got so many questions and compliments on this style.

I’m pretty sure my brother was confused on why so many people thought shorter-alls were so cute, but he’s a boy sooo XD

I love braids and so I literally did my hair in the car on the way to lunch. My brother literally thought I was insane, because I finished in like 8 minutes.

But hey, when you have long hair, you learn to how to fix it up quickly.

In case you’re wondering how close my brother and I are, he’s the one that took my full body photos. ♡

Though this look is super fun and chic, I don’t suggest wearing it during winter time.

Arizona was a perfect 74ish degrees and made this outfit work perfectly. However, you could always just wear a short sleeve crop for summer time and long pant overalls for winter.

Aaaand, of course, I completed this look with my maroon headband.

I wanted to give this look a pop of color, and maroon is my fav so why not?

My car pics were literally taken while my brother was getting his puppy from doggy day care.

Perf pics don’t have to be taken by a fancy camera in fancy lighting with a fancy background. Natural light and fun scenes are the best.

That’s all for today, heles ❧


Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu
— Kenzo Takada
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