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Casual Class Look

Casual Class Look

Since classes have just started back up and I will be graduating in May, whoop! Here’s a little school outfit for a casual Thursday. 


I personally think jeans are a fun way to dress up or down with any outfit. Mine are from Hollister and are some fun high waisted skinnies! To pair with the winter season, I matched it with a light brown long sleeve shirt and some beige Toms.  

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I love tucking in my shirt because then it doesn’t look so baggy around my waist and my high rise jeans hug my curves just right!  

My watch is from collectionsfame and you can get a discount using ‘RAVEN60’ at the checkout. 

Here’s just some more fun photos from my wonderful roomie, Kara! Not only did she take me to class, but took these amazing pics! Get you a roommate like her <3

That’s all for today, heles! Comment your ideas, thoughts, suggestions or just say hello! 


“Life is too short to wear boring clothes”

Sunday Best

Sunday Best

Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas 2018