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Sunday Best

Sunday Best

I love dressing up for church, because not only do I feel good, but then I get to feel spiritually good afterwards. 

For my Sunday look, it was 40° outside, so obvi I wasn’t going to wear a dress.  

Instead, I pulled on my Hollister high-rise jeans and a cozy sweater.  


My thigh high boots are currently my obsession so I wear them with almost everything.  

Then, the accessories! Girls love bling, and I love Kendra. So I’m wearing my white gold KS earrings and a diamond chain necklace with my collectionsfame watch.  


Where would I even get these fun pictures without one of my roomies? Em was so helpful to take time out of her nap to come help me.  

So if you’re looking for a fun and cute Sunday look; jeans, sweater, thigh high boots, and some glitz and glam jewelry.  

Lemme know your Sunday best looks! Ciao, heles! 


 “The secret of great style is to feel good in what you wear” -Iñes de la Fressange 

Funday Brunch

Funday Brunch

Casual Class Look

Casual Class Look