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Must Have Body Suits

Must Have Body Suits

Everyone loves a good bodysuit to accentuate some curves. Maybe even top it off with some shorteralls for some flare.

My white bodysuit is from VS PINK for $10! Now tell me that’s not a steal. I love shorteralls so this look can be used for any time/occasion.

My bodysuit was $10 at PINK! And my shorteralls were $45 from A&E. My hairstyle is also another fav because it’s super easy and goes with any outfit.

A few of my fav bodysuits are below. I love Target, PINK, and Papaya. Not only are bodysuits super comfy, but so affordable!

Shop The Suits

Night out? Bodysuit. Date night? Bodysuit. Lounge around? Bodysuit.

It was such a nice day outside in the cute lil town outside of Galveston. Props to my sister in law for taking my pics, seeing as how I usually give her a hard time for her lack of photo skills.

But I think she pulled these off pretty well!

I would love to see your bodysuit styles!

That’s all for today, heles!


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Funday Brunch

Funday Brunch