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Funday Brunch

Funday Brunch

I love breakfast food and Sweet Paris is the perfect brunch place for a friends 21st birthday!

So if you’re going out for brunch, you gotta have a cute brunch outfit, right?

My high low dress is from Alter’d State and is so fun to wear! I love how flowy and soft it is. It makes me feel like a modern day hipster.

Also peep me trying to be serious lol.

I love my lil gal squad. Just look how precious they all look!

It’s always good to have some hype girls to help boost your outfit feels. So if you’re ever wanting a great place to shop, Alter’d State is one of my go-to’s.

I paired my dress with some cute white sandals, but really anything can pull this thing together. Some cute wedges or strappy heels would give this some flare.

That’s all for today heles!


The Greatest Gift of Life is Friendship
— Hubert H Humphrey
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