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This ⇄ That ❀ Featuring Annaleid

This ⇄ That ❀ Featuring Annaleid

Hola heles! This is a new segment I’m calling “This or That” fashion edition. These posts are going to be collaborations with other bloggers about styling article(s) of clothing/accessories/etc.  

Today I’m collaborating with Annaleid from Amsterdam and she’s an amazing blogger! The style we’re doing today is a black turtleneck . 

Of course, I love crop tops so naturally mine is a crop black turtleneck. And what better way to style my turtleneck than with some thigh high boots and high waisted jeans?

I live by high waisted anything; jeans, shorts, skirts, you name it. 

I also felt a bit edgy today, so I styled my look with some gold feather earrings and chain.  

The sun was perfect for a stroll around downtown and of course some popsicles! This was such a great look for the Texas weather.  You could even dress it up with a colorful turtleneck if you so desired!

If you like this look, give me a comment below! I love hearing from you guys. ♡

Don’t forget to check out Annaleid’s post about how she styles her turtleneck

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That’s all for today, heles! Here’s more pics of the finished look!  


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